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The Benefits of Text Messaging in Healthcare Settings

Written by admin on . Posted in Healthcare mobile apps, Hipaa secure email

Text message security

Did you know that the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA, was signed in 1996? HIPAA is designed to make digital medical information standard across multiple channels, and it even requires the establishment of electronic record keeping and transactions. As a result, a wide variety of HIPAA mobile health applications have become available, such as text messaging. There are several benefits of utilizing text messaging in healthcare settings, as this is a safe and efficient way to transmit confidential patient information.

- Safe. Mobile healthcare solutions are safe to use as long as they follow HIPAA guidelines. This is because HIPAA mobile applications encrypt all data on your phone, and only the

Understanding How a Professional SEO Agency Can Improve Your Web Traffic

Written by admin on . Posted in Cleveland marketing firm, Online web design, Website design and development companies

Website design costs

If you’re looking for a professional SEO agency to handle your website, you might sometimes feel like Harry Potter searching for the golden snitch. It can be harder to do than you first anticipated — and if you do find one of the best SEO agencies out there, you should hold on to it.

Search engine optimization is no longer something hiding in the back pages of the internet, or something you can get for your website just by purchasing a bunch of links. Search is becoming a more established marketing tactic at the same time that understanding search is becoming more important for companies that want to succeed. By 2016, an estimated 50% of all money spent on retail purchase

Three Tricks to Help You Remember the Remote Easier

Written by admin on . Posted in Codes for programing remotes, Lg remote control, Panasonic replacement remotes

Panasonic remote control replacement

How many times have you lost the remote now? Too many to count? Have you ever spent an hour or two searching for your television remote controls, only to find them in the bathroom, in the fridge, or in the yard? If so, then you may have to admit that you have a memory problem (or at least a problem remembering your TV remote controls).

Thankfully, you’re not hopeless. Here are a few little tricks you can use to stop losing your TV remote controls so much.

Try Keeping Them in the Same Place.

As they say, “repetition is the mother of learning.” If you consciously put your TV remote controls back in the same place each and every time, you’ll know where to look for them.The key is (ironically) remembering to do so. It might help to move your favorite seat next