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Get That Extra Edge With Proposal Creation Software

Written by admin on . Posted in Construction bidding software, Government proposals, How to bid government contracts

Cost estimating software government

The world of business contracting, especially when bidding on government contracts, is a difficult and taxing one. There are about 200,000 cost analysts in the United States today. Many of those who work on proposals for government contracts can tell you just how challenging it is to be selected for a project. There are approximately 2,000 government agencies in the U.S. and yet only about 12% of contractors end up winning the contract. This one stat alone can make even the most seasoned businessperson hesistant to submit an application.

Not government contractors, however. They know full well the kind of business they’ve chosen. Responding to a government request for proposals (RFP) is incredibly challenging if not daunting but contractors do their best to present their company

File Transfer Services Are Essential For Any Business

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What is pgp?

Managed file transfer services are needed now more than ever before. In today’s technology-reliant world of business, companies are constantly looking for newer, faster, and better ways to transfer their files online. Of particular interest to these companies is not just easy file transfer services but also secure file transfers.

Over the past few years, online security and high-profile cases of hacking have grabbed headlines, such as the hacking incident involving North Korea and Sony Pictures during the release of The Interview a few months ago. Though Sony Pictures isn’t an ordinary company, the hacking imbroglio reflects a wider

New Market Research Shows 67% Growth for the Lab Automation Market By 2020

Written by admin on . Posted in Environmental research, Sample management software, Sample manager software

Biobank software

For years, biobanking has become an increasingly popular presence in the field of translational medicine, helping scientists uncover important data that can be used to create new treatments and therapies. Designed to store and organize a freezer inventory full of different biological samples, a modern biobank increasingly relies on biobanking software to help researchers access high-quality specimens. Now