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You Won’t Believe These Three Ways the Cloud is Changing Education

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Hosting dedicated servers

Cloud computing solutions have revolutionized pretty much every aspect of the modern business world. Currently, an incredible 90% of organizations and businesses have switched over to cloud server solutions in some capacity.

But its influence isn’t stopping there — as cloud solutions are causing some big changes in the world of education, as well.

According to a December 3 Cloud Tweaks article, an increasing number of educators are utilizing cloud hosting to help make educating easier and more effective in both an online class settings and traditional classrooms.

But just how much are cloud computing solutions changing education as we know it? H

What is Mobile Satellite Technology?

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Mobile satellite connection

If you work in an isolated, remote area, popular methods of communication are almost always ineffective when it comes to relaying information, staying in touch with important contacts, and requesting help. For this reason, many construction companies and other organizations working in remote areas will invest in mobile communication systems to help keep their work on schedule and their workers safe. Whether you’re working at remote construction sites or other type of project, mobile satellite services might be the best option for you.

While most people today are familiar with satellite satellite services as a method of listening to music and talk radio, satellites have been used as a form of communication for decades. The first active sat

The Top Three Reasons to Outsource Your Company’s IT

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Your company might be operating on a day-to-day basis well enough on its existing technology and in-house tech support — but why settle for “well enough” when your company’s technology could be genuinely extraordinary?

For an increasing number of businesses, companies and organizations across the country, the way to make their technology extraordinary is by outsourcing their IT services to an external IT firm. And it’s likely that your company could benefit from outsourced IT, as well.

Still not sure if your company ought to look into outsourcing its IT consulting, laptop repair services or computer support services? Here are three reasons that show why outsourced I