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The Future of the Cloud Computing Industry — Is It In Amazon’s Hands?

Written by admin on . Posted in Cloud hosting, Local phones, Small business applications

Internet phone system

Cloud computing is one of those industries that seems very mysterious and small — until you actually get involved in the industry and you see that there’s an entire world filled with cloud hosting services and cloud solutions consultants, and it all provides a valuable foundation for countless American businesses. The global market for cloud computing is even predicted to top $79 billion by 2018, and industry experts estimate that American businesses will have spent at least $13 billion by the end of 2014 on cloud hosting systems.

And a recent, high-profile move by Amazon may allow this industry to grow even bigger and faster than experts have already predic

Tips on Maximizing the 5 Most Effective Means of Advertising On and Offline

Written by admin on . Posted in Advertising media planning, Tv commercial advertising, Web design services

Video production jacksonville

Traditional and digital marketing agencies seem to be constantly arguing over the most effective marketing strategies. But the simple answer to this debate — although both sides rarely admit it — is that print and Internet marketing strategies can both be extremely effective, if done well and tailored to their demographic. Here are a few tips on the top methods of marketing your business:

  1. Pay Per Click Ads

    Pay per click ads come in several forms, but the most successful has to do with buyi

3 Ideas for Using Custom Labels in Your Business

Written by admin on . Posted in Digital print companies nyc, Printing company, Vinyl window graphics

Large banner printing

Of all the services commercial printing companies provide, one of the most underused is custom label printing. This low-cost, easily customizable print product has potentially dozens of uses in a small or medium-sized business. Here are three ideas to consider:

  1. Mailing

    One of the oldest uses of labels is still relevant: personalizing postal materials. Whether you’re doing a mass mailing and want to print a custom label for each recipient or you want to keep return address labels around the office full time, labels are a way to ensure that every address on every piece of mail is legible. And, since you won’t have people hand writing anything in, you reduce the margin for human error — meaning you